• I must tell you how impressed I was at the quality of your team. I've done a lot of these things over the years but I've never encountered that level of professionalism.

    Don Reo, Executive Producer
    “Everybody Hates Chris”, “My Wife and Kids”, “Blossom”
  • Brian is one of those rare breed of DOP’s that have a can-do attitude at all times, works tirelessly in the field, does not clock watch and has exemplary set etiquette. On “Tube Tales” when we were dealing with Hollywood TV stars and big name producers, these skills were of utmost importance.

    David Freeman, Producer
    Tube Tales
  • Brian always put in 100% effort to make the frame and the talent look great. I am consistently impressed with how the shots are well lit and everyone looks as good as they possibly could.

    Marianne Kaplan, Film Producer/Director
    MSK Productions Inc.
  • Brian has that rare ability to combine a high degree of professionalism technically along with an imaginative approach to his filming. His aesthetic and lighting skills are impeccable which made our collaboration as Director and DP truly inspiring.

    Bonny Lou Wagner, Producer/Director/Writer
  • I soon discovered what a gem Brian was to work with. On set he was thoroughly professional when communicating with sensitive interview subjects. When the time came for him to execute my visual ideas, he performed with respect and enthusiasm. When he contributed his own creative thoughts to the scene, he invariably enhanced the look of the show.

    Tara Shortt, Film Producer/Director
  • There are a number of things that I really value about Brian: His artistic eye, technical expertise, understanding of editing, calm and confident demeanour and his personality and attitude – which is reflected in the way that Brian arrives at work every day with a smile on his face, a funny story to tell, and a deep caring for the work that he does.

    Rob Kelly, Producer/Director
    Modern Rocket Media
  • Brian has very strong lighting skills and has the experience that allows him to work quickly. He is extremely professional on set and is a pleasure to work with. Brian is good natured, friendly and easy-going. He handles stressful production situations in a very calm manner.

    Guy Robinson, Producer/Director
    Robinson Communications Ltd.
  • Brian stands out amongst the best. His skills as an operator are top notch. He shoots interviews and actuality with equal attention to detail and composition, and always with a mind towards editing. Brian listens, anticipates and always gives 110 percent.

    Larry Raskin, Producer/Director
    Noodle Productions Inc.
  • Brian has excellent people and communication skills and an easy-going set etiquette that makes him a welcome addition to any crew. I have no hesitation on wholeheartedly recommending Brian.

    John Ritchie, Senior Producer/Partner
    Force Four Entertainment

Camera Services


  • Sony F900
  • Sony 800
  • Sony 700
  • Sony EX-3
  • Panasonic HDX900
  • Panasonic HPX300


  • Kino Flo Divas
  • Arri Fresnel Kit
  • 1K Redheads
  • 2k Blonde
  • Chimera Softboxes
  • C-Stands
  • Misc. Grip Gear

Network Roster

Global Videography

Global Videography
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Hawaii
  • Kenya, Africa
  • Bahamas
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Kuwait
  • Virgin Islands


2006.2007 Gemini Awards

Best segment in a Lifestyle or Informational show

Status: Nominated

2006.2007.2008 Leo Awards

Best cinematography in an Information or Lifestyle series

Status: Nominated